A Simple Commitment for a Lifetime of Rewards


Personally, I know the tremendous value of maintaining a lifetime of learning, which I have done by studying international business and marketing on a daily basis. I have often commented on what a significant advantage it is for non-English speaking people to increase their communication abilities by learning the universal language of English. Even the basic use of conversational English opens countless opportunities for aspiring individuals in a competitive world.
I recently read these statistics that point to this necessity.
  • World Population: 7,200,000,000
  • Native Language Speakers: 4,100,000,000 (of world’s 23 most spoken languages)
  • Native English Speakers: 527,000,000
  • People Learning English: 1,500,000,000
When you compare this to people learning other languages, English is by far the most sought after for global communications:
  • People Learning French: 82,000,000 (5.4% of those learning English)
  • People Learning Chinese: 30,000,000 (2.0% of those learning English)
  • People Learning Spanish: 14,500,000 (0.9% of those learning English)
  • People Learning Japanese: 3,000,000
A simple way to clearly recognize the value of learning English can be seen in the Speak Good English Movement. A campaign launched in Singapore by then-Prime Minister Goh Chok Tong in 2000, the purpose of the experiment was to ensure that Singaporeans recognize the importance of speaking English by encouraging its use. The movement has helped Singapore take a leading position in the international business world. 
Much of the reason for this focus on English as the global language of business, news, culture and opportunity can be attributed to the amazing growth of online users and the rise of e-learning on the Internet, now at over 3.1 billion. These programs open new doors for acquiring skills, including language. Interush recently published a press release about the accessibility of e-learning and its rapid growth at: http://en.prnasia.com/story/125559-0.shtml.
I can personally attest to the importance of learning another language: I studied French in school for 8 years and I still enjoy being able to speak the language when I travel to France or Canada. However, I have few opportunities to take advantage of this in my particular business. Knowing that the Chinese and Japanese languages are essential to my line of work, I wished that I had learned to speak and read them in school or that I had started learning them on my own earlier in my business career.  My wife and I have often commented to our three sons in university that they should learn it and I will continue to encourage them to do so.
Consider where you would be in just two years if you followed through on a real commitment to learning English. A person could easily devote a minimum of 15-20 minutes each day to learn simple English. Then, after you have the basics, make a point of watching a Hollywood movie or 30-minute TV program each week, reading English content online and engaging in oral or written English conversations whenever possible, locally or globally. Test your language abilities by traveling to English-speaking countries, such as the U.S., England, Australia, Canada and Singapore. You can also join ChiKuu™, which follows the world’s most successful celebrities and translates their tweets, making the process of learning basic English both educational and entertaining.
The Interush IRIS Academy™ e-learning application is also another excellent way to learn conversational English. It was styled after the very best features of the highest quality online English language programs, as rated by the New York Times, one of the world’s most respected news media sources. Make a commitment to use the IRIS Academy application a few days a week, and work on growing your personal development skills and expanding your opportunities. This is the best way to avoid falling behind the growth of the 1.5 billion people who recognize the importance and life benefits of learning simple English language skills.  
A world of languages. (2015, May 27). South China Morning Post. p. A18.
Statista. (2015). Number of worldwide internet users from 2000 to 2015. Assessed at: http://www.statista.com/statistics/273018/number-of-internet-users-worldwide/

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Motivation for Success Must Come From Within


I often think about the personal motivation and inner determination of highly successful individuals. What allowed and inspired them to rise above the others to succeed at a very high level, and then what motivated them to continue on with setting new goals throughout their careers?

I recently came across an article online from Forbes Magazine1 that discussed the “4 Secrets of Success” that the world’s most productive people encompass. According to the author, who interviewed various inspirational authors for the article, the most successful people accomplished their goals by:
  1. Remaining optimistic and believing they can do it, in order to attract further positivity.  
  2. Finding something they’re talented in or enjoy doing and then positioning themselves in that field.
  3. Being willing to continue trying in order to endure failure and learn from it.
  4. Staying focused, learning from others and never getting complacent.
Keeping that advice in mind, it seems that realizing success in your lifetime is not just about being given the right tools or talents from the start, but also from having ambition, goals, willpower, a solid plan set in place and the drive to keep going in the face of all adversity.

Think about what motivates you to get ahead in life. What do you love and how do you plan to turn that into a lucrative career? What are your ambitions and how do you intend to realize them? Success means being sure of what you want, setting goals for your life and then taking the steps to reach them. If you fail the first time around, simply learn from the experience and keep going for it. A positive attitude along the way will ensure you keep getting up and view adversity as an opportunity for benefit, instead of an excuse to quit. If you always settle for more, not less, and dream big while learning from the experiences of others, what initially seems challenging is eventually achieved.

We can discover a lot of information from those who have effectively attained their objectives in life. If you’re interested in learning more from highly successful and motivating individuals like Richard Branson, Oprah Winfrey and Bill Gates, you can now follow their translated Tweets® on ChiKuuTM!
1Moudoukoutas, Panos. (2013). 4 Secrets of Success. Fortune Magazine. Retrieved from

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Interush’s Singapore Expansion; Creating a New Hub for Further Southeast Asian Expansion


Following more than a year of careful due diligence and preparations, Interush is very pleased to now accept Affiliate applications from the very vibrant and dynamic Singapore market. Interush considers this to be a key strategic step of offering its products and related business opportunity in the rapidly developing IT markets of Southeast Asia. Singapore is also very tech savvy with 75% of its entire population being internet users. In our preparation for this new market, we were able to upgrade our technology, content creation and marketing for all markets we operate within.

Singapore is a modern marvel boasting 50 years of exciting achievements that have made it recognized as one of the most progressive cities in the world. A key to the country’s rapid growth and success was their focus on learning English as the global language. The Southeast Asian city-state has English and Mandarin as its official languages, with a considerably large Japanese population, making it a prime expansion destination for a global company like Interush. 

Apart from being a progressive technological hub, Singapore is also of special strategic significance to Interush as the base of our planned expansion into the major markets of Indonesia, Thailand, Malaysia and the Philippines, an effort that is already under development. In addition, Singapore is recognized as the eighth best nation in the world for business and highly dependent on information technology exports, including products in telecommunications and consumer electronics. We are determined to reach more aspiring entrepreneurs in this very large Southeast Asian market and establish a strong foundation for our expansion.

The company’s entrance into Singapore is the further fulfillment of Interush’s mission, which is to inspire, teach and empower people to live happier, healthier and more affluent lives through being able to more fully utilize the internet. We look forward to continuing to expand our opportunities with you in our pursuit of success and excellence.

The new Singapore office will be located at the Paya Lebar Square, directly adjacent to the MRT station. Visitors are welcome to learn more about Interush and how to use our innovative IRIS Applications Suite, acquire information about our personal health specialty products and introduce others to our unique business opportunity. The new office will provide product and networking training, empowering our Affiliates to grow their business.

Please see our Singapore office address and hours below:

60 Paya Lebar Rd., 12th Floor, Suites 29/30, Singapore, 409051         

Office hours below:
Mon., Tues., Thurs., & Fri.   11 AM - 7 PM
Wed.   11 AM - 10 PM

Martin J. Matthews
Chairman and CEO.

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The Internet of Things Is Coming Your Way


The web is buzzing with the catchphrase “The Internet of Things,” which caught my attention after reading this article on Techopedia, a site that provides insightful information to IT professionals and technology decision-makers. According to the site, the “Internet of Things” is:

The Internet of Things (IoT) is a computing concept that describes a future where everyday physical objects will be connected to the Internet and be able to identify themselves to other devices…

No longer does the object relate just to you, but is now connected to surrounding objects and database data.

The term the Internet of Things simply refers to the way in which the Internet is impacting our lives by reducing the need for humans to handle the operation of the gadgets, tools and technology around us, by creating objects that pass on information to one another through advanced connectivity. When things we use are “online” in this way, our professional lives become more efficient, while our personal lives improve in quality. All this advanced technology allows us to have more time to enjoy our hobbies and leisurely activities, as well as spend time with our family and friends.

The revolution of IoT has already begun:  it is the very materialization of the core Interush belief that “The Internet Makes Everything Possible.” The internet is no longer thought of as restricted to our desktops, tablets, mobile phones or laptops, it is quickly becoming a thread that weaves devices and technology that we use to make life easier on a daily basis. As an example, we wear pedometers that count our steps and measure our caloric intake; we use mobile phone applications that control the lights, locks and alarms in our homes; we invented the first iterations of cars that can park themselves, and as final example, we navigate with GPS systems that talk to us and tell us where to go. You can ask Siri, your personal mobile phone “assistant,” any question and you’ll get some type of answer (even if it’s not always the most logical one). Siri can set reminders for you so that you never have to forget a task; she can provide directions to the nearest gas station; and she can even convert units of measurement for you when you are grocery shopping for cooking ingredients.

Can you imagine a world where everything operates within one big information system? This reality is not that far away. With IoT, your bed may talk to your mobile phone, telling it to wake you up; your mobile phone may communicate with your nightlamp that it is time to turn itself off; or your window may sense that rain is coming and tell you that is must be closed.

The Internet is the invention of the 21st century. It continues to revolutionize the way we live as we evolve into increasingly more advanced human beings. I encourage you to maximize your use of web technologies and enjoy all it has to offer. As we like to emphasize, our mission at Interush is: “To inspire, teach and empower people to live happier, healthier and more affluent lives through being able to more fully utilize the Internet.”

1Jannsen, Cory. Internet of Things (IoT). Accessed on March 13, 2015. Available at: http://www.techopedia.com/definition/28247/internet-of-things-iot.  

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Taking the New Year as an Opportunity to Start Fresh and Propel Yourself Forward


The new year is a wonderful time to reevaluate yourself, become aware of where you are in pursuit of your goals and aspirations, and reinvigorate your drive in your pursuit of achievement. When we do a close self-examination, we may emerge with a deep feeling of satisfaction over the growth we’ve experienced in the past year. It is also possible we find that there are still many things we need to improve. It is not unusual for individuals to have New Year’s resolutions, which, put simply, are promises we create for ourselves regarding things that we want to improve or change.

A large number of people often have resolutions pertaining to health. Most of us want to lose weight, eat healthier, have more energy and increase our wellbeing. Maybe there are bad habits we want to give up, such as smoking, eating sugary foods or drinking too much alcohol. Or we may want to refresh certain negative mindsets, infuse energy into our spirituality and start developing healthier thought patterns. We may want to better our business acumen and refine our skillsets by intense study and self-training.

Whatever the case may be, it goes without saying that the new year is a great opportunity to start fresh and aggressively pursue the things we’ve always wanted to accomplish. It’s time to dust off old worries and take on new and exciting challenges. I encourage you, as a believer of the need for constant positive change in our lives, to challenge yourself to be the best you can possibly be. Face your doubts and know that anything can happen if you strive hard. Come with the attitude that apprehension is not an option and success is inevitable. 

The pursuit of your long-desired goals can be as small or big as you want it to be. It can start with committing to a healthy lifestyle each and every single day. Take up a new sport you were always fascinated with, but have been too intimidated to try. Dive further into developing your Internet skills, even if the technology may be outside your comfort zone. Little goals are just the beginning; also aim for big goals and challenges. Go back to school and finish your degree. Learn a new language (I hope it will be English). Enhance your social media presence by starting your own blog. Attend classes that will enrich your skillset and further your career. 

Interush provides great opportunity for people who want to start something new and beneficial in the new year. Our referral marketing opportunity is optimum for those who’ve always wanted to have their own business but don’t have the means to do so. We provide both IT products and the simple IT training needed to use and market these products. For those who want to begin a health streak in the new year, we have Nerush, Zenrise and Fortris10. Nerush is a wonderful choice for those who want to get serious with their weight loss regimen; it is low-calorie, nutrition-packed and delicious drink that can be easily taken anywhere. Zenrise provides long-lasting energy and nutrition for a busy day, while Fortris10 provides the daily serving of antioxidants that help you combat aging, disease and environmental pollutants.

The new year gives us all the excuses we need to live better lives; all we need is determination, dedication and a firm drive to stick with our resolutions. If you start strong but start falling back within the first few days, don’t get discouraged. Pick up from where you left off and try harder. Know that Interush is your teammate in propelling yourself forward.

Make 2015/The Year of the Ram a year of triumphs and breakthroughs. Take advantage of the high hopes and spirits associated with the new year and instigate a fresh start. 

Please remember that I believe that the difference between experiencing an ‘ordinary life’ and an ‘extraordinary life’ for you and your family, are the very small improvements you can make every week, which compounded over time, results is a huge advancement in your skills, thinking and success that will help you reach your dreams !

Have a very happy, healthy and prosperous 2015/Year of the Ram!

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Gain the Leadership Advantage in an Increasingly Competitive World


As you progress through life in pursuit of self-actualization, you will come across different types of leaders or authorities. As children, we are under the leadership of our parents and teachers who teach us to thrive in an increasingly challenging world. As teenagers and adults, we may meet inspiring mentors and exemplary bosses in the different jobs we undertake. Inevitably, at some point in our lives, we will take on leadership roles. We will be put in positions where we will have to make big decisions, motivate other professionals or simply be a role model that other people look up to.

This begs the question: what does it take to be a good leader? How does a business leader take his entrepreneurship to the next level? How does an individual become a shining example to his peers?

The essential keywords: talent and toil. We are all gifted with talents, whether we discover them as kids or develop them, driven by our passions and interests. What differentiates those who are talented from those who are successful as well is plain hard work. 

If you are in the field of IT marketing, continue expanding your knowledge by learning all about your products, reading about professional selling skills, and constantly testing and adjusting your presentation. If you are an athlete, work at perfecting your skill daily and take special care of your body! If you are a writer, read voraciously and journal daily. If you are a business owner, keep yourself up to date with company and product developments, expand your knowledge by reading books from leaders in the industry, learn from each business transaction, and re-apply business tactics that yield results. 

Know that taking risks is the only way to grow and flourish. Nobody ever met success by refusing change and staying safe. Adopt new technologies. Face your fears and get out of your comfort zone. 

Always look for new challenges. Keep away from languishing in your failures or getting stuck in past successes. Learn from your experiences. When you meet the outcome that you were aiming for, celebrate your accomplishment and tackle the next thing. Remaining in the glorious past is like being a “one-hit-wonder,” you make one great hit and never move on to create new ones.

A great example of a company that constantly challenges itself is Apple. The multinational corporation boasts of a comeback story that is often described as  “remarkable.” Steve Jobs became the interim CEO in 1997 before he became the permanent CEO, when the company was about to go bankrupt. Jobs had to constantly innovate to resurrect the business, discarding ideas that didn’t work and adopting new ones. By 2010, the consumer electronics company had grown into a billion dollar empire.

Adopt an attitude of gratitude. A good leader is one who knows how to appreciate good work and graciously recognizes instances when both peers and clients make an extra effort to meet goals or expand relationships. Leaders never expect goodwill, but know that trust must be earned; they never stay complacent and assume that their business will always be on top, but they are thankful for good outcomes and continue to strive for continued success. 

Interush is your partner in your business endeavors, and we will continue to grow together.

Martin J. Matthews
Chairman and CEO

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Staying Fit and Healthy in a Hectic World


It seems that people are becoming more and more health and fitness conscious; everywhere you turn there is another article, newscast or published study about the latest developments and benefits that certain foods or exercises have on our bodies. Unfortunately, the information is often scattered across the internet and difficult to find, which can be very frustrating when you’re trying to stay as active and healthy as possible on a tight schedule. This is one of the reasons that Interush originally created our websites iHealthCast and MoveIt4: so that we could provide our audience with all of the most up-to-date health and fitness information that they need without them having to spend a lot of time searching for it.

As many of you know, I try to stay as active and healthy as possible, even with my busy work schedule. Regular exercise, healthy eating, drinking lots of fresh water, taking my Fortris10 antioxidant and Zenrise energy drink: these are all things I do every day, whether I’m in Hong Kong, Taiwan, Japan, or the United States. The iHealthCast and MoveIt4 websites are great motivators and help me stay focused on my goals by providing me with all of the latest beneficial informationon health and fitness.Both sites are very inspiring and contain recent news, tips and articles designed to make a healthy and active lifestyle easily attainable. With iHealthCast I can learn about various health issues and how foods and supplements affect my body and mind, and read current news on how to avoid potential health risks. At MoveIt4 I can get the latest fitness tips, follow advice from celebrity mentors, stay informed about recent fitness devices and news, and read articles from leading industry experts. 

At times it can be challenging sticking to a rigorous schedule, but I’m committed to my health and wellbeing, and believe everyone else should be too. After all, without our health how can we live our lives and enjoy everything else we have?  I find that iHealthCast and MoveIt4 provide me with all of the best health and fitness information I need in order to stay on track during my busy days. I encourage you to head over to http://www.ihealthcast.com and http://moveit4.com/, so that you too can access all of the outstanding active lifestyle information they have to offer.  

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The Internet Revolution


If you are not “growing,” you are “shrinking” as nothing stays at a constant. In the IT world, this means that, as creators and beneficiaries of various growing technologies,we must constantly keep abreast of the changing times to help ensure one continued growth. For example, in the rapidly evolving social media landscape, what was once useful and popular to users, may be replaced by the next exciting application. On the social networking side, platforms such as Friendster, MySpace, Gree, Sina Weibo, Tencent Weibo, Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest and Google Plus, have gone up and down in the popularity meter. Our hardware devices may also become obsolete within a matter of months and certainly within a few years. Cellphones that are prime commodities are soon quickly pushed aside for the newest, most revolutionary product. As users and marketers of Internet-based solutions, Interush is constantly challenged to be ahead of the game in the realm of online technology and be able to transfer our technological know-how to users within our networks. Interush provides full support to users to enable them to learn and maximize the company’s proprietary virtual solutions.

As consumers of information, we are also constantly pressured to keep up with the myriad of channels through which it is passed on to us. We are no longer limited to reading books, newspapers, magazines, or print journals in order to satisfy our desire for knowledge. News articles can be accessed via search engines, news aggregators, RSS feeds and web and mobile applications. We are in an era where we need paper less and less. Digital technology is feeding us a surplus of information every day. How do we keep up? How do we make the most out of this information overload and direct our attention to things that matter the most?

As a growing network of internet marketers and consumers, we are one of the several IT companies at the forefront of these emerging technologies. Interush has continued to grow since our establishment in 2003, with the help of a IT-savvy developers, staff and affiliates that embrace the rapid changes in digital technology by adapting and marketing our virtual products. With marketable products like the IRIS Internet suite, which includes, Phytter Dock, Meet2, VeMail, Academy and eComm plus iPhytter2 andIRIS eComm, Interush provides comprehensive digital solutions for the everyday needs of Internet users. We also continue to maintain and develop websites such as Chikuu, iHealthCast, Moveit4,and CooksNet websites that present significant news and information that have a great impact on people’s lives.The carefully curated content keeps Internet users updated of what’s going on in the realms of health and fitness, sports, and entertainment and provides affiliates information that they can pass on tofriends and associates.

As we like to say at Interush, “The Internet Makes Everything Possible.”We have fully leveraged the Internet in order to help improve people’s lives with our products. The ubiquity of the internet has also made it possible for our affiliates to participate in a thriving online referral business that helps them produce a reliable income that elevates their lifestyles.

Martin J. Matthews
Chairman and CEO

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James Bond, Aston Martin Racing and Interush


Ever since I first saw James Bond defy all odds and save the world in the classic film Goldfinger, I also became a huge fan of Aston Martin sports cars.  In Goldfinger, James Bond drove the stunning DB5, that once again roared to life in my favorite Bond movie of all time, Skyfall.

I am very pleased that Interush is the primary sponsor of the #99 Aston Martin Vantage GTE car at the 2014 FIA World Endurance Championship series, which also includes the famous 24 Hours of Le Mans race held in France in every June.

The legacies of Aston Martin and 007 are much like the FIA World Endurance Championship series in that they all challenge the perseverance of the human spirit. No matter what challenges you place in front of them, they do everything possible to endure and make it through.
The #99 Interush-sponsored Vantage GTE will be driven during the 8-race series by three world-renowned drivers: Darryl O’Young of Hong Kong; Alex MacDowall of England; and Fernando Rees of Brazil. The series will include seven different six-hour races, plus the 24 Hours of Le Mans race, which is the oldest active sports car race in endurance racing. 

Aston Martin has a long history of racing a competitive range of sports cars and an outstanding reputation for design and engineering. To be associated with the luxury and performance of the Aston Martin brand provides a great opportunity for our Affiliates, and also for Interush to become more recognized in Japan, China, USA, Brazil, and Europe.

At Interush we’re especially proud to sponsorthe #99 Aston Martin, and to continue our own history of bringing prestige to the Interush brand through our support of international motorsports.

Martin J. Matthews
Chairman and CEO

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One of my favorite ways to enjoy my free time with family and to help me maintain my health and fitness is to be actively engaged in fun outdoor activities.  However now that I am living in Hong Kong, being highly active outside may not be the healthiest environment for us to engage in such athletic activities.  We are among the hundreds of millions who are having to deal with the smog crisis in China and neighboring regions, including Japan and Taiwan.  I find it very sad that people are living in such hazardous conditions with air quality levels being at times equivalent to levels found during forest fires.

Skyline views are often lost in blankets of smog so thick that roads have been shut down and aircraft grounded because of poor visibility.  Crops are suffering because the smog is reducing photosynthesis.  Water resources are also becoming polluted beyond what is safe for consumption.  Yet the most severe consequence of the air pollution crisis is its negative impact on our human health.  The tiny toxic particle matter that is discharged from power plants and factories easily enter the lungs and blood stream and can cause serious health issues, including respiratory ailments, lung cancer and heart disease.  Everyone’s health is compromised and those at greater risk, for instance with a weak immune system will suffer more.  People are resorting to air purifiers, face masks and staying indoors. Watching the increasing number of air pollution reports in the news is like living in a bad science fiction movie.  The World Health Organization recently reported in Hong Kong newspapers that air pollution killed 7 million people worldwide in 2012, double what it was 8 years ago. Over 5 million were in the Asian region, where air pollution has only become worse over past 15 months.  Deaths related to outdoor pollution were caused by heart disease, stroke, pulmonary disease, respiratory disease and lung cancer.

I appreciate that PRC government is now implementing more stringent regulations and is setting goals to reduce air pollution but it will take years to see results.  In the meantime, boosting the immune system and helping to stabilize the increased number of free radical atoms that are entering our minds and bodies are the best defenses for maintaining optimum health in toxic environments.  There are effective ways to support this, including proper nutrition, staying well hydrated, getting enough sleep, exercising and getting a good dose of high-quality antioxidants.  Antioxidants are crucial for stabilization of free radicals, which damage cellular function resulting in the body’s inability to fight disease and heal.  Green tea contains antioxidants, so do vegetables and fruits; particularly berries and dark green leafy vegetables.  So increase your green tea, berries and kale.  And to be absolutely certain that you are getting enough antioxidants for optimum health, especially in polluted urban environments, supplement your diet with a high impact antioxidant such as Fortris10.  Fortris10 is an extreme antioxidant formulated and made in the USA to help protect bodies from oxidative damages from physical and emotional stress and environmental pollutants.  Fortris10 is made with 10 powerful antioxidants, including grape seed extract, resveratrol and CoQ10 at amounts that have been clinically shown to have positive health benefits.  Everyone can benefit from Fortris10, and in this day of constant stress and toxic environments regardless of the location, we need to take control of our health.


Wishing you good health and vitality,


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Similarities between INTERUSH and the Highly-Anticipated F1 Movie “RUSH”


I am excited about the release of the new major motion picture about one of the most famous periods of F1 racing called "RUSH" in the coming weeks. (Taiwan release is on 9/18. Japan release is in February 2014.) 

It is expected to top the Box-Office charts as it was conceived and directed by the very talented Ron Howard, a famous American film director, producer and actor, who won several Academy Awards for movies including Cocoon, Apollo 13, How the Grinch Stole Christmas and A Beautiful Mind.

“RUSH” is a movie based on a true story recapturing the famous rivalry in the 1970s between an English driver on the McLaren team, James Hunt, and an Austrian driver on the Ferrari team, Niki Lauda. It depicts the two F1 drivers’ different personal lives and racing styles on the track. One thing they had in common was their passion for racing and their determination to win the 1976 World Championship at Fuji Speedway in Japan, even if it meant risking everything. (Click here to watch the trailer)

Interush has used international motorsports to bring attention and prestige to the Interush brand for several years. We wanted our Affiliates to find inspiration and motivation in their personal and professional lives by watching these drivers’ focus, dedication, skills, racing style and determination. They are constantly testing their limits to achieve their dreams.

As you may know Interush has sponsored many drivers in a wide variety of international race series:
  Stanton Barrett in NASCAR and IndyCar (2006-2009)
  Roger Yasukawa in IndyCar and Le Mans 24-Hour in Daytona (2008-2010)
  Takuma Sato in IndyCar and Formula Nippon (2010 - 2013)
  Darryl O'Young in WTCC and Le Mans 24-Hour in France (2012-2013)
  James Nash and Alex MacDowell in WTCC - (China and Macau 2013)  

While I do not want to recommend this movie to all Affiliates, I think those who do see this may have a better understanding and appreciation of this incomparable international sport, and may also gain some additional personal perspective on their own drive and determination to succeed through Interush.

Those of you following Takuma will especially enjoy this movie as he competed in F1 from 2003 to 2008 and also raced at the Fuji Speedway in Japan as James Hunt and Niki Lauda.

The “RUSH” movie’s tagline is “Everyone’s driven by something”. 
What are you driven by?


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Inspiring and Fueling Great Achievement


I recently traveled to Beijing in response to the invitation I received to attend the Enactus China National Final Round Competition and it was an honor and privilege to serve on the judge’s panel alongside many other executives including CEO’s from Walmart, Johnson & Johnson, Microsoft and PepsiCo.

Over the years I have served as a judge at various competitions and this one left a lasting impression as over 2,000 people sat in the audience to watch the brightest students present sustainable programs designed for those living in rural Chinese communities. This year, the students from Shanghai Institute of Finance and Economics shared their environmentally friendly Green program, which uses recycled coffee grounds to cultivate mushrooms that growers can market at a reduced price. With this program, they advanced to the 2013 Enactus World Cup where they will represent China and compete against 37 other teams each representing different countries.

Enactus China’s mission is to provide the necessary tools and guidance to shape the next generation of business and government leaders. 

As a networking IT company, I also want to inspire and motivate entrepreneurs to reach their full potential. The power of having dreams and setting goals to achieve is extraordinary and given the right tools, such as utilizing the power of the Internet and other leading technology, it can lead to dynamic innovations and discoveries changing the future of the economy.

China’s growth and evolution was made possible by current leaders and it will continue on this successful path with the help of organizations like Enactus China and Interush that will help cultivate the next generation.

My hope is that Interush can provide our online communications tools and consumer websites to help inspire business entrepreneurs to achieve the dreams they have for them and their families.

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The Acquired and Important Art of Listening


Probably one of the most basic and most misunderstood skills to achieve great success is to have the unique ability to really ‘listen’ to others.

Having excellent listening skills is critical for all your relationships, starting with your spouse (or boyfriend/girlfriend), your children, and your parents. It is also one of the most critical skills to develop to be successful in any type of business, so you can achieve your dreams.Over the years I have heard many excellent speakers, but very few excellent listeners. And when I think back, it was the listeners who developed the relationships that lasted for years, which brought them the long-term success.
You may think, listening is easy, I listen all the time, it’s no problem.
But trust me, it is hard work to really stay focused and to respectfully  ‘listen’ and really ‘hear’ what is being said to you…. just like now, you are reading these words, but are you really listening, are you really concentrating on what the words are saying and are you really listening for the keys that can make a difference in your life?
Years ago I was invited to attend a personal development seminar for two days just to teach me the ‘importance’ and ‘how’ to listen properly. When I first got there I thought this will be easy I can just sit and relax, it won’t be any work at all.  But what I learned is that real listening is indeed work and the better I learned to really listen… the better my understanding, my perceptions, my reality, my abilities, my knowledge, my sensitivities, my opportunities and as a result of listening… the better my quality of life.
In our busy lives you probably find few times that anyone ever stays focused, is not rushed, and listens carefully to what you are saying. Imagine how empowered you would feel if someone asked you a question, and the just ‘listened’ to you respond with total focus, total objectivity, without interrupting you, and without implying they already knew what you were saying.  Now imagine how empowered you could make other people feel if you asked them an important question, and then you remained 100% focused on their response. You didn’t interrupt them, you didn’t look away, you didn’t try to get away, you didn’t even check your phone for messages. This would be the most empowering thing you can do for another person and it is something they are probably not accustomed to experiencing. This will likely gain you their trust, their confidence and their respect.
I highly recommend you make appointments to speak with all the people that are important to you, and set aside 30-40 minutes just to listen to them like no one has probably ever listened to them before. Ask them a few questions to really learn what is important to them. Chances are if you really listen and let them do all the talking, they will probably go away from the meeting thinking you were one of the smartest people they ever spoke with !
I think this is probably the first and most important step in the road to achieving the quality of life you want from achieving success in Interush, or anything you ever do in your life, including your relationships with your business associates, your friends, your family and with the love of your life. 
You need to learn to listen now only with your ears, but also with your eyes, plus with your mind, and very importantly with your heart.
In everything you do, I think you are going to find that your success will come from your ability to succeed in dealing with other people and the most important part of this, is first of all, to know how to listen to these people you want to deal with, and from really listening, you gain tremendous insights into their needs, their concerns, their hopes and dreams, and then you can be a better ‘partner’ to help this person. And when you help others succeed, you will be helping yourself succeed too.
Best Regards,
Martin J. Matthews

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The Internet is Making the Word 'Foreign' Obsolete


Prior to the mass acceptance and use of the Internet by over two billion people from every continent and country on our planet, the word 'foreign' was used to describe the people, places and customs that we did not know well or understand. We would say that something was 'foreign' to us, because we were not empowered with the means to question, and then receive an instantaneous response. 

Today the Internet has led to international awareness and understanding that knows no limits. There is virtually nothing you can't question and gain the answer in a few moments, or a few minutes at most. If there is something we do not know, that just means it has not peeked our interest enough to search for the information.
I have spent my entire business career in communications and I have seen changes in behavior and the ability to communicate that simply astound me. Today we can easily skip from country to country, and from culture to culture through the Internet. We can not only access all the government resources, and all the various corporate experts on any given subject, we can also easily access experts on virtually every subject through collaborative reference information banks, or individual blogs that are very public for all.
And as quick as a wink, we can even get translation from most languages to our own, with enough accuracy, to make sense of something that prior to the Internet could only be interpreted by a live translator. (Don't get me wrong, I cherish my Japanese and Chinese translators, otherwise I would not get the subtleties hidden behind the words though sentence structure and cultural nuance.)
I also think the Internet has opened us to more travel opportunities which has also broken down the mysteries of unknown locations and destinations. We all readily travel because we know we can easily research virtually everything we need to know about a location, before we plan our itinerary, and then book our accommodation and lodging all online, after searching virtually all the options available to us, again in just minutes.
At Interush we started with a motto, "The Internet Makes Everything Possible!"  Well this is becoming a statement of fact. There is virtually nothing that you can not learn about or find on our planet, through the Internet.
When I first learned of the Internet, based on my communications expertise, I recognized the potential and knew that the Internet would indeed change everything. Is the Internet the most dynamic and exciting industry in the world, I certainly think so. What is even cooler, is that Interush has probably become the world's most powerful business opportunity for independent people, related strictly to Internet communications. I know we can say this confidently for Asia, and I doubt there is any other company anywhere else in the world that provides the kind of opportunity we provide through the Internet.
I invite all of you to recognize and embrace the opportunity this gives each of us to help eliminate the word 'foreign' from the thoughts, minds and hearts of millions of people in Asia.
The word 'foreign' means 'I don't understand" and it used to create barriers among cultures and people.
The 'Internet' means "I can understand anything I wish to know about" and it is unifying us into a global community where we are learning just how similar we are to one another, and that we are in fact, no longer "foreign' to one another. 
Sincerely yours, 

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New IndyCar Themed Animated Movie Announced in Hollywood!


The IZOD IndyCar Series continues to gain more popularity and international interest, especially with the first-ever IndyCar race in China, racing in the streets of Qingdao, on August 19, 2012.

Now comes more news, of a very different kind,  that will continue to increase IndyCar Series awareness, on a global level. The movie-making giant, DreamWorks, just announced that they are currently producing a full-feature animated film called “Turbo”, about a snail that dreams to race at the world famous Indy 500. This new film is scheduled to be released in July 2013 and we can expect this to be shown in all major languages to hundreds of milllions of children and parents… first in movie theaters, and then for years to come on television and on DVD, plus movie downloads; and on every conceivable type of children’s toys and merchandise to follow. 
DreamWorks has alreay established themselves as one of the world’s top major film producers through hugely popular animated films including the ‘Shrek’ Series, ‘Kung Fu Panda’ and ‘Madagascar’, and they are ensuring this to be another high-grossing film as they lined up a glamourous cast starring Ryan Reynolds, Samuel L. Jackson and many more popular actors and actresses. It will also feature several IndyCar drivers (??), that are being kept a secret for now. To make sure the exciting motorsport is portrayed accurately, IndyCar Series champion, Dario Franchitti, is working as a technical adviser as well. 
According to the SportsBusiness Journal, “DreamWorks is expected to spend as much as $100 million marketing and promoting the film” to turn their upcoming movie a international hit next summer. 
The fact that there is a movie being produced around the IndyCar Series and famous Indy 500 will certainly increase the number of IndyCar fans throughout the world, including Japan, Taiwan, Hong Kong and China.
Like Interush has already done, many other international companies will now try to find ways to situate themselves to be part of the IndyCar excitement. As you know Interush has already made several significant steps to pre-establish itself as an credible source of IndyCar racing news in the Asia market, through establishing Indy-Fan.com, and by strategically partnering with iRacing.com and also though our dynamic relationship with Takuma Sato in 2010, 2011, and now again in 2012! 
The upcoming release of “Turbo” will make the IndyCar Series even more famous in our Asian markets and allow all of us to even better leverage all our connections with IndyCar Racing.
Best Regards,
Martin J. Matthews

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Expanding Business Opportunities in China


I met with Mr. Neil Bush during my visit to China this past December to discuss future business opportunities together. He is the younger brother of former U.S. President, George W. Bush, and son of former U.S. President George H. Bush.

Mr. Bush is also a very well-known international figure not only for being part of the famous Bush family, but also for his business and philanthropic endeavors both domestically in the U.S. and also overseas. He has been successfully involved in the development of many international businesses especially in China and the Middle East. It was a pleasure meeting and getting to know him.
Currently Mr. Bush is the Co-Chairman of a Beijing based real estate company. As a consultant expert, he has recently worked to help create business opportunities in foreign markets. His interest in creating stronger ties between the U.S. and China, where here frequently visits, was influenced by his father when he was the Chief Liaison Officer representing the USA in China. 
His philanthropic endeavor to encourage citizen service to help those in need was also a value passed down by his father. As the Chairman of Points of Light Institute, he actively finds ways to promote volunteer-ism in the world. 

Passionate about education, he co-founded an educational software corporation that provides multiple learning styles to help students excel in their studies which is now used in many U.S. school districts

Following popular trends, Mr. Bush created a Chinese Weibo account, equivalent to Twitter in the U.S., last August, to accelerate better understanding between the U.S. and China. His popularity in China is clear as he reached over 10,000 followers within one day of creating his account. Six months later, he is followed by over 113,000 people. His compassionate personality and entrepreneurial mind makes him one of the most fascinating people to follow.  
I am continuing to communicate with Mr. Bush and we are both looking forward to our next meeting to discuss future internet business opportunities in China together. His expertise and valuable insight will be a significant asset to Interush as it continues expanding in the Chinese market.
Best Regards,
Marin J. Matthews

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Jeremy Lin, an Instant International Star


Jeremy Lin continues to be one of the hottest topic discussed. It’s now at the point where a new term called, “Lin-sanity”, has emerged to describe his instant superstardom and popularity over the past couple of weeks. Last Tuesday was Valentine’s Day and he even made it on the e-Valentine cards that went viral on Facebook !

I just read an article in The New York Times mentioning Jeremy Lin’s appeal crossed the Pacific Ocean all the way to mainland China where an incredible 1.4 million Chinese microblog messages mentioned his name in the past few days! His fan base grew to tens and thousands of wild NBA fans across the US, after his first couple of games, and has now exploded to millions globally!
Jeremy Lin’s popularity impacted the media and also the retail industry as his uniform (real and counterfeit) have all sold out in Asia increasing sales. Everyone, especially the Taiwanese, are fascinated with his success story because of his Taiwanese heritage. His paternal grandmother is reported to be from Taiwan.

Watch him play in his #17 New York Knicks Uniform http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=930WokDQpek

Many people are continuing to write their own version of his story, which I enjoy reading, but I believe we would all prefer to get the true story from Jeremy Lin himself. That is why ChiKuu selected him as the newest and hottest ChiKuu star! I hope all of you enjoy following him as much as I do and don’t forget to check the additional fun One Point Lessons that accompany each of his tweets!

Join the fun and follow Jeremy Lin on ChiKuu.com !

Best Regards,
Martin J. Matthews

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Chinese New Year


Happy New Year! 

While people around the world are beginning the new 2012 calendar year, Chinese around the world are celebrating the beginning of a new lunar year and I would like to wish everyone a memorable year full of happiness, good health and much prosperity ! 
Each year many of us make New Year’s resolutions by setting new goals we want to accomplish that very year. Some focus on bettering their health by becoming more active or quit smoking while others think of ways to become better global citizens by volunteering their free time to help those in need. 
I think New Years is the perfect time to set meaningful goals and start fresh. These goals are also easier to achieve with the help of some form of motivation as it will push you to work diligently towards achieving that goal when you start to slip and get off the path.   
What do you want to accomplish this year and what will inspire you to work towards it?
My motivation to work hard and be successful every year comes from my family. Family is extremely important to me and I believe one of my many responsibilities as a husband and father to four children is to provide the best I can for them while also instilling good work ethics in my children through my example. 
I have always been committed to working hard and believe that through the many years of continued best efforts, this has put me in a financial position to be able to provide in many ways for my family. Most importantly, I appreciate being able to provide a positive environment and high-quality education that will help them achieve their dreams. I also appreciate being able to take them on trips where they learn valuable life lessons and appreciation for others and other ways of life. 
Looking back, one of the many memories I cherish is when I took my family to Japan, Taiwan, Hong Kong and China two years ago.  I remember we were very lucky as we happened to be in China during the celebration of the 60th anniversary of the founding of the People’s Republic of China and joined the celebration by lighting up and letting go of floating sky lanterns. Watching my children excitedly partake in another culture that night and throughout our entire stay in China was amazing. That trip helped my children become more culturally aware and also sensitive as they were exposed to a whole new culture they have heard of but never experienced before. 
I have been fortunate to be able to share many memories with my children and wish to build more this year. They are my inspiration and motivation to keep working hard. As their father, I hope that I am encouraging them by words and by actions that strong work ethics is the key to success which will help put them in a position to enjoy their hard work some day.   
Interush is a company I am proud of as I believe it provides many opportunities for individuals to grow professionally and also gain the financial freedom their hard work deserves. I hope you achieve your New Year’s resolution this year and that your personal experience with Interush will bring positive impact to your life and to everyone you help provide for around you.
Warm Regards,
Martin J. Matthews

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